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The Birth of Hershey Bar

Milton Hershey: The Man Behind the Brand

Milton S Hershey, the man behind the American chocolate giant The Hershey Company, began his career in the candy business making caramels. But when he went to the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition, he found chocolate-making machinery. He immediately changed course and invented the Hershey chocolate bar.

Hershey's First Chocolate Bar

The first Hershey bar rolled off the press in 1900. It was your standard milk chocolate bar. Everyone could afford it, and milk chocolate was much more accessible than the sweets that preceded it, which had traditionally been the domain of the wealthy.

Hershey Bar's Journey Through the 20th Century

The Great Depression and World War II

Hershey survived the Depression and continued to do well through the Second World War. How? Hershey bars continued to be included in the rations of US soldiers. The Hershey’s Ration D Bar became a staple of the US war diet.

Post-War Expansion and Innovation

Introduction of Hershey Toffee Bar

Hershey also innovated after the war: the Hershey toffee bar, which appeared in the mid-20th century, married smooth chocolate with crisp toffee in a delightful crunch.

Hershey Bar in Modern Times

Hershey Bar Varieties Today

Since that time, Hershey bar has come in different shapes and it could be also in other forms of chocolates now a days on the market are several Hershey’s candy bars, including the original milk chocolate, the dark chocolate variety, the Cookies 'n' Creme and the absolutely delicious Hershey toffee bar.

Hershey Toffee Bar: A Modern Classic

The Hershey toffee bar is a personal favourite. Chocolate and toffee are a perfect marriage. Crunchy and sweet, chocolate and candy lovers alike are satisfied.

Counting Hershey Bar Calories

Like all treats, Hershey bars are laden with calories – the chocolate bar has around 210 calories. But this is a fair tradeoff for the pleasure and comfort you can get from a Hershey bar.

The Legacy of Hershey Bar

And it not only survived, but has become the quintessential emblem of celebratory American culture and an integral part of its history. The Hershey bar’s manufacturing genius, delicious taste, and willingness to innovate, not just rest on its chocolate laurels, have ensured an enduring legacy.


The story of the Hershey bar is an inspiring tale of one man’s vision, Milton Hershey, and his use of cutting edge industrial technology to make chocolate history and reach an ordinary arm. In the century since it was first sold, the Hershey bar has become the embodiment of comfort, celebration, and simple pleasure for millions worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Where was the Hershey bar in the world for the first time?  The first Hershey bar was made in 1900.
  • What was the name of the founder of The Hershey Company?  The founder of The Hershey Company was Milton S. Hershey.
  • How many calories in an average Hershey bar? An average Hershey milk chocolate bar with almonds contains approximately 210 calories.
  • What are some of the types of Hershey bar that are available today? Some of the types of Hershey bar available today are milk chocolate, dark chocolate, Cookies 'n' Creme and Hershey toffee bar.
  • What is the Hershey’s Ration D Bar? The Hershey’s Ration D Bar was a chocolate bar made for the US Army during World War II.

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