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Exotic Dragon Fruit for a Visual Delight

Have you ever looked at a fruit so sexy, so beautiful that it made you wonder? The dragon fruit is a strange and sexy-looking exotic fruit.

Introduction to Dragon Fruit

Origin and Background

Originally from Central America, but now grown throughout the world, the brightly coloured dragon fruit is also known as pitaya or pitahaya. This fruit from the cactus family has gained popularity not only for its appearance, but for a wealth of health benefits.

Visual Appeal of Dragon Fruit

Sunrise and sunset in hue, its azure parchment in a net of smooth green, and the clashing splashes of white and frosty magenta when you slice into it: it excites, it delights, like the lighting we love for our fruit salad bowls or Instagram morning smoothies. If you slice that dragon fruit, it lights up.


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Nutritional Benefits

Vitamins and Minerals

It is as wonderful to look at as it is nutritious; full of vitamin C, vitamin E and several important trace minerals, not to mention flavour, dragon fruit is a great food supplement.

Antioxidant Properties

Or the antioxidants in dragon fruit, which help to fight free radicals in the body, contributing to the repair and rejuvenation of our cells? Beauty really is good for you!

Freeze Drying: A Revolution in Preservation

The Process of Freeze Drying

And picture being able to maintain the dragon fruit’s aesthetic and nutritional qualities longer – that’s exactly what freeze drying does. The fruit is frozen and then placed under a vacuum to remove its moisture, leaving the materials intact without the use of preservatives.

Benefits of Freeze Dried Dragon Fruit

Want to try a piece of freeze-dried dragon fruit? Consulting Emily’s company, Savor the Future, makes for a delicious snack, delivers a ton of nutrition and, above all, you are getting the fresh flavour without additives that compromise taste and stability.

Traditional Dehydration vs. Freeze Drying

Comparison in Taste and Texture

Although with traditionally dried fruits, you lose flavour and it gets too hard, the freeze dried one tastes good and it is also nice and crunchy. Which one would you take with your cereal?

Preservation of Nutrients

Dehydration through traditional methods include heating, which is not really good for the nutritional quality of fruits. Freeze drying preserves almost all of the nutrients in their original form. It is as close as you get to having the fruit as is, just in pocketable form.

Incorporating Dragon Fruit into Your Diet

Smoothies and Juices

At least you can start your day the ‘good’ way by tossing in some dragon fruit and making slightly more vibrant smoothies and juices.

Salads and Desserts

Finely diced, sliced or even freeze dried, dragon fruit can brighten up your salad and even your desserts. A fruit tart topped with a crown of that exotic fruit is an irresistible treat. Mmm, does that sumptuous fruit make your mouth water?


The dragon fruit is a feast for the eyes and the health organ. Take it in sweet tangible form, fresh or freeze-dried or dehydrated, and treasure its beauty; your eyes and stomach will agree. If you want an exotic visual treat or a sensory bomb, go for a dragon fruit.


What is the taste of dragon fruit?

When eaten, the white flesh of the fruit has a mild, sweet taste, described as being somewhere between kiwi and pear.

How do you know when a dragon fruit is ripe?

It should be bright in color and slightly soft to the touch.

Can I eat the skin of the dragon fruit?

No, the skin is inedible. Only the inner flesh is consumed.

Does freeze drying affect the taste of dragon fruit?

The texture begins to crisp up though the essential flavour remains mostly the same.

Where can I buy freeze dried dragon fruit?

Most health food stores and online retailers offer freeze dried fruits, including dragon fruit.

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