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Over the years, people have been purposely eating only two items at a time, Oreo cookies. However, have you ever wondered what does a freeze-dried oreo taste like and does it really beat the OG oreo ? Come join EatingOnlyTwoThingsAtATime and take part with us in this new taste test!

The Allure of Oreo Cookies

Oreo cookies — the chocolate wafer sandwich’d with creamy middle and tagged with the name’s curious punctuation. This ubiquitous childhood snack has ingrained itself into pantries and the communal cache of lunchboxes, when the texture of its rectangular crunch is a frequent companion to the monotony of a rundown day. Meanwhile from within kitchens and mechanics labs, the silent advancement of freeze-drying emerges like an opportunistic bacteria.

Freeze-Dried Oreo Cookies: What's the Hype?

Freeze-drying removes the moisture from food, creating crunchy palate-pleasing snacks that, if done right, preserve flavour and nutritional value. Freeze-dried Oreo cookies promise to furnish consumers with the same great taste, albeit minus some of the traditionally salivated-for squish.

The Taste Test Showdown

Now for the mother of all taste tests: freeze-dried Oreos vs the real deal.

Round 1: Texture

A conventional Oreo is a pleasing crunch-cream combination. Meanwhile the technotexture of freeze-dried Oreos results in a very airy, crispy, chocolatey cloud. Which one you prefer is a matter of personal taste, of course.

Round 2: Flavor

The taste of a regular Oreo is known and universal. It’s chocolate and sweet cream in perfect, skinny harmony. Freeze-dried Oreos take the basic Oreo flavour and concentrate it, to the extent that they’re almost liquid. The taste is so strong, and it’s somehow ever-so-slightly more chocolatey than the originals. The taste sensation is… intoxicating.

Round 3: Portability

Normal Oreos can be easily crushed and are clumsy to eat on the run. The more durable, evaporated form of my freeze-dried Oreos is tailor-made for stowing in a bag or for outdoor snacking. They won’t make your hands sticky either.

Round 4: Health Factor

While they are undeniably delicious, few would nominate Oreos as a health food. Freeze-dried Oreos are still a treat, but they do have one infinitesimal nutritional edge. The process of freeze-drying retains more nutrients than by traditional drying, and so if weight watchers looking for a cookie alternative, they should consider the air dried ginger nut.

Round 5: Nostalgia

I can hardly imagine twisting open a normal Oreo, having my tongue swoop along its inside and then sinking it completely into a cool glass of milk. Freeze-dried Oreos can’t displace the static warmth of a memory. So if you’re searching for the warm fuzzies of childhood, then this round goes to the classic.

Buy it or Buy it!

And it comes down to which Oreos you want – in your mouth or in your emergency rations.

If you want that same old-timey Oreo feel – a chocolatey cookie sandwich with that white, creamy middle and a certain satisfying crunch – stay with the OG. If you want to weigh down your pants with more chocolate flavour than an old-fashioned Oreo promises, a better, more interesting texture, and an admittedly interesting sensation in your mouth, then the freeze-dried Oreos are for you. They’re a fun and portable spin on a classic.

This Is How You Should Freeze Your Oreos

In sum, the next time you’re agonising between the two, might as well keep them both in stock. In the eternal struggle between cheese and cream on your Oreos, you can’t really go wrong.



1. Are freeze-dried Oreos as sweet as normal Oreos?

  • Because there is no moisture in freeze-dried Oreos, they usually have a more concentrated sweetness than normal Oreos – so they can be sweeter than normal Oreos.

2. Do Oreos crumbled from freeze-dried Oreos work as well as from regular Oreos in your recipes?

  • Yes, freeze-dried Oreos give a cookie coating that a crumbles of freeze-dried Mars bars won’t , and the intense flavour has a unique crunch to it .

3. Do freeze-dried Oreos contain preservatives?

  • Since the freeze-drying process preserves the snack, a mass-produced commercially produced freeze-dried Oreo would probably not contain preservatives.

4 .FREEZE - DIED OREOS how many days are there ?

  • Freeze-dried Oreos last longer than a regular Oreos, we in factory they take steam out it.the moisture content is 3%theres no way that mold will grow after being treated to freeze drying. Than to refrigerate ? So the room temperature storage . Its called lypes of ‎ depreciation ‎Lyphe storage ‎expiration date ‎ expiration date ‎online retailers Food: The ultimate convenience good. Skittles, for example, are a food item, but that does not make the cereal your kids are eating

5. Can you rehydrate them like the others?

  • No, they’re easy and fun to eat in their crisp state. They’re not meant to be rehydrated like the other freeze-dried foods.


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