Freeze-dried smoothies are coming for your meal plan. And it should probably be scared, because this new wave of delicious, probably healthy, and incredibly easy to prepare smoothie mixes really see to pack quite the punch. While they certainly belong to the growing niche of crazy food innovations, freeze-dried smoothies are much more than just a cool idea to zoom everything ahead. Along with the convenience, these smoothies bring with them a unique marriage of flavour, convenience, and longevity – something their fresh-ingredient counterparts can only dream about achieving. This article explores the new reality of freeze-dried smoothies: how they work, why they are so great, and whether you should give them a try.

The Innovation Behind Freeze-Dried Smoothies

Because it gently removes moisture while it’s still a solid, via a process known as sublimation, freeze-drying preserves colour, flavour and nutrients better than other forms of drying. Applied to smoothies, it makes it possible to achieve the kind of pre-mix-Nutri-Blasts that are perennial bestsellers at places such as Juice Generation in New York City but can be stored for months. Instead of a nutritionally deficient fleet of organic fruit-and-veggie powder mixes for space travellers, each bag of freeze-dried smoothie mix would contain a nutritionally balanced combination of blended fruits and vegetables, sometimes with an added boost of superfoods or a protein powder. It would finally be possible to travel light with a power-packed whole-food meal or snack that isn’t subject to spoilage.

The Advantages of Freeze-Dried Smoothies

Nutritional Integrity:

Smoothies that are freeze-dried will maintain most of the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants of fresh smoothies – instead of missing out on benefits because the items were frozen or heated, you still enjoy a boost of health when you drink your smoothie.


No chopping and no blending needed: all you have to do is find enough water or your favourite milk to re-hydrate the mix, especially when you’ve had a late night with friends or run out of fresh fruit on the way to work in the mornings.

Long shelf life:

Fresh fruits and vegetables go bad in a jiffy, but mixes made from freeze-dried fare can be stored for months or even years, slashing your food waste bill.

Novelty and Play:

In part because of these advantages, freeze-drying presents new options for experimenting with mixes of fruits, vegetables and add-ins, such as greens or proteins. There are large variety of freeze-dried smoothie mixes available to accommodate almost any size venture, taste and nutritional goal.

How to Prepare Freeze-Dried Smoothies

Preparing a freeze-dried smoothie is remarkably straightforward:

Pick Your Mix:

Start by picking a blend of freeze-dried smoothie ingredients. Enjoy berry medleys, tropical fruits, green mixes or even protein-enriched blends.


Add the proper amount of fluid (water, milk or plant-based alternative) to the freeze-dried mix in a shake bottle or blender. How much fluid is optimal is up to you, depending on your liking for thick or thin consistency.

Shake or Blend:

Shake this mixture until it’s completely rehydrated and totally smooth. I’m talking just a few seconds.

Now ready to consume:

your freeze-dried smoothie, prior to rehydration. For a little extra oomph, after rehydrating, you can add in fresh fruit or a handful of ice and blend again.

Customizing Your Freeze-Dried Smoothies

One of the joys of freeze-dried smoothies is the ease of customization. You can enhance your smoothie by adding fresh ingredients, such as banana or spinach, for added texture and nutritional value. Boost the protein content with a scoop of your favorite protein powder, or add a spoonful of nut butter for healthy fats. For an extra flavor kick, sprinkle in some spices, such as cinnamon or turmeric, before blending.


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