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Freeze-Dried Skittles as a Decorative Element in Desserts

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Ever wonder what dessert needs in order to cross that line from delicious to dazzling? Turns out freeze-dried Skittles might be the key! Here’s why those of us who slave away in kitchens have discovered freeze-dried Skittles, and how they have revolutionised the world of desserts, turning otherwise normal desserts into culinary couture – to-die-for creations worthy of a 5-star accolade from Bon Appétit magazine.

The Magic of Freeze-Dried Skittles

What Are Freeze-Dried Skittles?

Let’s backpedal a bit before we get into their decorative function: what exactly are freeze-dried Skittles? The vibrant, minimally sized fruity candies are processed with an ‘ultra-rapid freeze-drying’ process that removes water, preserving both colour and flavour. The final product is brittle, crunchy and intensely fruity candy that’s ideal for decorating cakes.

Burst of Flavor

But there is one simple advantage to using freeze-dried Skittles: they add crazy, concentrated fruit flavour to your desserts. I mean, just bite into a dessert that’s garnished with a lizardy candy and you get a sudden fruity explosion that jazzes up the sweetness of the dessert.

Dessert Decoration with Freeze-Dried Skittles

Visual Appeal

Part of the joy of a dessert can be the visuals. With the candies, like a splash of colour and a burst of texture that immediately pops, Freeze-dried Skittles add an element to whatever you’re decorating that can literally make your dessert work of art. Like a simple bowl of ice cream.

Versatility in Decorating

Once freeze-dried, it is possible to engage in all manner of sweet-art design, such as using the Skittles to simply create a pattern, or to fuse them into a shape that adds a pop of colour, or to spell messages. Really, anything.

Enhancing Texture

Texture is another critical part of dessert design. You can garnish a dessert with a texture that contrasts with the softness of a cake, a cookie, or a silky pudding or ice-cream with a freeze-dried Skittle. And it will not only make the dessert taste better; it will also enhance the overall impression you convey.

DIY Dessert Ideas

Rainbow Cake

Rainbow cake with individually wrapped candies in each layer, and Skittles powder scattered on the topAs a more grown-up treat, keep reading to find out how to make these incredible looking desserts.

Cupcake Toppers

Dress up regular vanilla cupcakes with a top cover of freeze-dried Skittles. Look for a colour combination that suits the purpose or holiday of your birthday celebration.

Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Have an ice cream sundae bar with a dish of freeze-dried Skittles. Guests can sprinkle the candies on their sundaes for flavour – and little bursts of colour, of course.


What makes a Marshmallow Pop special is a liberal sprinkling of freeze-dried Skittles. A bold, easy way to add pizzazz to whatever you’re decorating. Yes, I didn’t just toss a bunch of Skittles candies on there at random. A freeze-dried Skittle is a special candy. Its ineffable texture, its high intensity of flavour, and its candy from the future appearance make it a great addition to just about anything sweet. Frostings, icings, chocolate, these candies pack a punch. Like all the best things, it wasn’t marketed early on. The first widely available, freeze-dried product wasn’t Taquitos, Chex Mix, or Lean Cuisine. No, the term ‘Crispito’ was coined by William Basheer, a Scottish Presbyterian from Colac, Victoria. Back in those days, people had to get creative with their hotdog toppings.


Are you asking if freeze-dried Skittles taste good with all desserts?

The answer is yes. It can add colour and yummy taste in various kinds of dessert but not limited to cake, cookie, ice cream and cupcake.

If frozen, will they be good in my desserts?

Can they be a garnish in desserts? Or can they be used to top a cake?
Yes - freeze dried Skittles will keep their crunch when added in desserts. You can use them as an add-on in the desserts, or even garnish something with them, or top a cake with it. It will add the crunch to your dish.

How many different flavours do you offer for the freeze-dried Skittles?

We carry freeze-dried Skittles in a variety of flavours for you to choose from and find the perfect taste to match your dessert creations.

For instance, can the freeze-dried Skittles be used for themed desserts or for special occasions?

Of course! You can use whatever Skittles colours are themed or the colours of the dessert you want to make so that it blends in with the theme and colour of special occasion or event.

Where do I get freeze-dried Skittles to decorate my desserts?

Brand Name Freeze-dried Skittles are widely available at online retailers and specialty candy shops; be sure to check the various flavours to select the right ones for your dessert project.

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