Since its conception, it has gathered a growing influence, becoming one of the most favourite and awaited food that people enjoy nowadays for its convenience, nutrients and shelf-life. Not only that, as it appears, Vancouver that is well-known for variety in its eating culture is one of the most principal foundations of the revolution of freeze dried food all over the world. In this article, we will explore about freeze dried snacks came from Vancouver. Covering freeze dried candy, freeze dried fruit and currently manufactures of freeze dry food in canada. If you plan to be a backpacker or simply a hiker needs to minimise the weight of food with a good source of energy and nutrients, Freeze N Dried in Calgary is a Canadian company that knows better than anyone what you and your body need or if you are a health-conscious individual and fancy a wholesome delicious snack Freeze N Dried has got you covered. Travel to the alluring world of freeze dried snacks from Vancouver.

Freeze Dried Candy in Vancouver

Probably the best category of freeze dried snack nonetheless has got to be freeze dried candy. It’s the irresistible texture and intense flavour that makes this freeze dried candy so popular with Vancouverites that you could eat for days. Buy freeze dried candy ( and more candy) including delicious freeze dried Skittles in our store at 1212 34 Ave SE, Calgary. Enjoy the beautiful colours and intense taste of this candy that freeze drying makes even better.

Freeze Dried Fruit in Vancouver

With so many corporate company marketing unhealthy snacks Vancouver has a healthier option with freeze dried fruit. Freeze drying is slowly becoming a hit here in Vancouver its not only the longer lasting shelf life and retention of nutrients, the texture is perfectly crunchy and healthy and delicious! We source from local farmers in Vancouver, they have a huge variety of freeze dried strawberries fruits, the crunch is delicious they freeze dry local Vancouver farm strawberries. Freeze N Dried is better quality and taste, we have a selection of freeze dried fruits the perfect snack, add to cereals or bake with them. If you have any questions or to purchase. Our email is [email protected]

The Rise of Freeze Dry Food Manufacturers in Canada

Picture this in Canada: a boom of freeze dry food manufacturers pop up, particularly in Vancouver, where freeze drying innovations take a new shape, aided by superior machinery and scientific tools to ensure originality of taste and well-preserved nutrients in food items. While Freeze N Dried takes the work of the best freeze dry food manufacturers in Canada to a higher level. Not only us do we offer a wide range of diverse freeze dried food, but we ensure that each of our products maintains its original taste, texture and nutrients through meticulous freeze drying process. Whether it is from our top freeze dried food products that we proudly offer to outdoor enthusiasts in need of freeze dried backpacking meals or the best freeze dried food in Canada, you can be certain that we apply proper freeze drying methods from our finest raw materials using the latest freeze drying tools.

Backpacking Food and Meals in Canada

It takes nutritious, lightweight and tasteful food while backpacking in the Canadian wilderness. Freeze dried food by backpackers very popular as a easy to prepare, keeping all taste and nutrients – Freeze N Dried – is occurance oriented to half year backpacking food and meals. Starving does not bring any joy to anybody its Burden to go outside we are trying to make everyone’s stay as much fun. Our products are come out simple cookware, easy to use and keep healthy nutrition life of outdoor time.

Don’t you just hate it when a freeze dried snack literally saves your bacon? Well, we at Freeze N Dried have the remedy for that.
Allow us to introduce ourselves. Located at 1212 34 Ave SE, Calgary, we’re the premier authority on freeze dried snacks in all of Vancouver, applicable to a wide variety of existing and future scenarios.
We offer only the finest freeze dried candy, the most nutritious and delicious freeze dried fruit, and the most tantalising assortment of backpacking meals. Whether you’re saving the planet from imminent destruction, catering to the antique needs of 1950s children, or experiencing the working daylight hours of ‘The Society of Musicians and Actors’ in the immediate aftermath of the Industrial Revolution, or even worse, enjoying the feast of a first date, we assure you that Freeze N Dried’s products will be exactly to your taste.
Scan the QR-code with your smart phone to visit our web site ( and buy the freeze dried snacks of your dreams. Freeze N Dried – your source of science-based vending delights.

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