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Guide: Discover the Best Candy Stores in Bristol

Prepare yourself for a roller coaster ride through the sweet lanes of Bristol. We're about to embark on an adventure so sugary, dentists will quake in their boots. Hold on to your cavities, it's going to be a sweet ride!

Scrumptiously Sweet

Our journey kicks off at Scrumptiously Sweet. This confectionery shop is a candy lover's dream, offering traditional and retro sweets, American treats, and even Belgian chocolates. Diabetic? Don't fret! They also offer sugar-free sweets. You can even hire tins for cake decorations and supplies!

83 Gloucester Road Bishopston Bristol BS7 8AS United Kingdom


Next, we arrive at Treetz. Don't judge a candy shop by its unconventional spelling; once you're inside, it's like stepping into a traditional tuck shop. Feel the bubbly excitement as you're surrounded by an array of sugary delights that make the typical selection of Kit Kats, Twixes, and Yorkies seem passé.

The Galleries Broadmead Bristol BS1 3DX United Kingdom

Treasure Island Sweets

We then set sail to Treasure Island Sweets, where you'll find jars filled with over 900 varieties of traditional sweets. Offering American imported treats, gluten and sugar-free sweets, and Rollys Crumbly Fudge, this sweet shop is truly a treasure trove for candy enthusiasts.

70 The Covered Market St Nicholas Street Bristol BS1 1LJ United Kingdom


Our candy voyage wouldn't be complete without a stop at Thorntons. A staple in the British confectionery scene, Thorntons is an excellent place for ice cream, gift boxes, and large chocolate items with iced messages on top. Brace yourself; a visit here could make your mouth water uncontrollably.

17-18 The Arcade Bristol BS1 3JA United Kingdom

Sweet Treats

Get ready to step back in time with Sweet Treats, where sweets come in huge jars just like the good old days. They also have a Pick 'n' Mix section, but the jars always have the best goodies!

107 High Street Staple Hill Bristol BS16 5HF United Kingdom

Candy Celebration

Candy Celebration is here to cater to your every sweet wish, from special birthdays to children's parties, and even weddings. This Bristol-based shop also offers balloons, gifts, and wedding decor.

Court Road Kingswood Bristol BS15 9QG United Kingdom

Mon Cheri Sweets & Treats

Finally, we wrap up our sweet expedition at Mon Cheri Sweets & Treats. Offering sweets and treats for every occasion you can think of - be it Christmas, Halloween, or a school prom. This place is the cherry on top of our sugary journey.

61 Church Road Hanham Bristol BS15 3AF United Kingdom

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