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Guide: Discover the Best Candy Stores in Birmingham

Prepare to embark on a grand sugar adventure as we wander through the confectionery wonderlands of Birmingham. Warning: overconsumption of this article may lead to uncontrollable cravings and a heightened sense of childhood nostalgia. Now, buckle up and keep your toothbrush at the ready!

Yankee Candy Cave

Starting off our sweet journey is Yankee Candy Cave. Despite being a compact stall in Bullring Shopping Centre, they pack a punch with an exciting selection of American candies. You may find yourself snagging some Peanut Butter M&Ms, as recommended by our sweet-tooth expert, Desta H.

Bullring Shopping Centre Birmingham B5 4BS United Kingdom

The Candy Box

Next on our sugar trail, we find The Candy Box in Acocks Green. This immaculate store boasts a pop of bubble gum pink and an American candy vibe. Their shelves are laden with every candy imaginable, from cola cubes to flying saucers, and all at a price that will leave you checking the tag twice!

Warwick Road Acocks Green Birmingham B27 6RA United Kingdom


Located in Grand Central, Gobstoppers is a destination for those seeking unique treats without concern for the price tag. If you're hunting for Snickers or Mars, you might want to swing by Tesco instead. Gobstoppers is all about the extraordinary!

Grand Central Birmingham New Street Birmingham B2 4XJ United Kingdom

Mr Chill's Traditional Sweet Emporium

Mr Chill's Traditional Sweet Emporium is a treasure trove of classic sweets in towering jars. A visit here is a tantalizing challenge of choosing from an abundant selection. One of our sweet enthusiasts finally settled for a quarter of sherbet strawberries. Talk about a nostalgic classic!

55 Hurst Street Birmingham B5 4TE United Kingdom

Sweets from Heaven

Sweets from Heaven may be a small store, but its friendly staff and delectable products make it well worth the visit. It's especially bustling on Saturdays, when parents treat their children to something sweet.

9 Mill Lane Arcade Touchwood Solihull Touchwood B91 3GS United Kingdom

Jen's Sweet Shop

Jen's Sweet Shop is a picture-perfect, old-English-style sweet shop in Sutton Coldfield. With a sugary scent capable of enticing passersby, this shop offers an impressive selection of sweets, all presented in classic jars around a central counter.

12 Boldmere Road Sutton Coldfield B73 5TD United Kingdom

Olde Sweet Shoppe

Olde Sweet Shoppe offers top-notch customer service and is always ready with suggestions for turning their jarred sweets into gift-worthy presentations. While some of their prices might be on the higher side, their extensive range certainly compensates for it.

Great Western Arcade City Centre Birmingham B2 5HU United Kingdom City Core

Treat Street

Treat Street is a family-run sweet shop that offers an overwhelming variety of sweets and treats. From pancakes and milkshakes to custom-made gift boxes and chocolate explosions, they've got you covered. They even offer a tea garden for those who'd like to sit back and enjoy their sweet haul.

14 Boldmere Road Sutton Coldfield B73 5TD United Kingdom

Black Country Sweets

Black Country Sweets is a traditional sweet shop that will have you reminiscing about your childhood with their selection. Their sweets are an absolute treat for anyone with a sweet tooth.

80-84 High Street Halesowen Halesowen B63 3BA United Kingdom

Sweets & Treats

Rounding out our list is Sweets & Treats, a sweet shop known for its extensive selection of sweets and crisps. However, recent changes have seen a shift towards bagged sweets and boxed chocolates, still at a competitive price compared to supermarkets.

6 The Kingstanding Centre Birmingham B44 9HH United Kingdom

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