Discover the Best Candy Stores in Salt Lake City - 2024 Updated

Salt Lake City, a jewel amidst majestic mountains in Utah, is home to several candy stores that have amazing sweets from artisan chocolates to traditional candies to innovative sweets that will make your mouth water by 2024. Let’s take a look at Salt Lake City’s must-visit candy stores!

1. Sweet's Candy Factory

The Sweet’s Candy Factory in Salt Lake City has been a candy landmark since it opened its doors in 1892. Its taffy, caramels, and chocolate-covered confections are renowned as some of the best in town. Tourists and locals alike come to see Sweet’s factory, where belts and buckets of treats are manufactured, and to gorge themselves in the gift shop with flavours both old and new.

2. Hatch Family Chocolates

Hatch Family Chocolates sits in the historic Avenues district of Salt Lake City in a neat, dark and unassuming 1930s house. As a family-run business, it is cosy, handmade and traditional. The Hatch family is especially proud of their recipes, which are generations old. The shop makes its own chocolates on-site every day – try their milk chocolate truffle, with a large grain of salt to complement the sweetness, or their velvety hot chocolate, served from a delicate china pot. Hidden in plain sight, this bespoke and sweet establishment should be the perfect place to go for an after-dinner chocolate.

3. Tony Caputo's Market & Deli

Tony Caputo’s in Salt Lake City is a destination for gourmet foods, and its chocolate and candy section is no exception: it stocks an enormous wall of chocolate bars, with regional and international makers represented. Literate staff are on hand to aid and abet your chocolate searches.

4. The Sweet Tooth Fairy

No glitter or unicorn horns here, just modern candy store ­vibes. Described as a ‘Known for their gourmet cupcakes’ shop, Sweet Tooth Fairy also sells cakebites, cookies, seasonal candy, and other sweets. They’re famous for having great flavours and presentation, and no Sweet Tooth Fairy trip is complete without trying some of their cakebites.

5. Chocolate Conspiracy

For health-conscious chocoholics, Chocolate Conspiracy (another one of my favourite spots) sells raw, organic chocolates that are also dairy-free and free of processed sugars. Their products are undoubtedly mouthwateringly good. In fact, the company uses a proprietary cold-treating process that preserves the antioxidants and live enzymes in cacao – so, not only is your sweet indulgence guilt free, it’s also good for you. With their range of flavours (from refined to wild), there is something for everyone.

6. Cummings Studio Chocolates

Cummings Studio Chocolates, previously known as Lissett’s, is one of the oldest confectioneries in Salt Lake City; they opened in 1924 and still remain at the original location. The store itself exudes vintage charm, and they show their dedication to their tradition by using original recipes for their hand-dipped chocolates and candies. Buyers go into their shops knowing that they will find a piece of the past in their sweets. The store itself, with its old-timey decor, transports the visitor back into an earlier era.

7. Taffy Town

This is the place to try the variety saltwater taffy that Towle concocted: more than 70 flavours – from huckleberry to cotton candy, you can’t possibly decide on just one. Taffy Town has an open door policy: visitors are invited to sample the taffy and take a self-guided tour of the company’s modern Salt Lake City factory where the gluten-free, GMO-free, kosher candy is made.


Whether your idea of paradise is a vitamin-laiden candy bar straight from your childhood, a small-batch gourmet confection, or a weird and wonderful artisan dessert, you’ll find it here, along the trail to paradise. Salt Lake City’s candy stores are some of the most desirable in their class. No matter what flavours you love, one of these stores seems to be tailor made for you. Along with its reputation for its natural surrounding, Salt Lake City is also a food lover’s paradise. Each candy store offers a special culinary experience that adds to the excitement of the city’s growing culinary awareness.

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