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Lightweight for Travel: Ideal for on-the-go nutrition

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Travelling has become a common source of joy for many people. Some like to travel simply to relax and enjoy the exciting interchange of people and places, while others travel for business, and the remaining few travel for adventure purposes to experience new places and the world at large. It is an obvious fact that travel brings us a lot of experiences as we get to meet new people and exchange ideas. Apart from the enjoyment experience during travel, eating is a popular activity that people partake in. People also share their relaxation and travel experience with their close friends during eating time. Travel may involve simple activities such as a trek in a mountain with little food, a long flight or a road trip across the country with lots of food. Regardless of whatever the occasion is, the importance of keeping up our much needed nutritional supply remains highly important. As humans need adequate supply of energy for anything to function efficiently, so it is with travel. And because travelling comes in different forms, there is a significant need to have light luggage wherever we go, and as far as eating right is concerned, the most advised way to do so is by always ensuring that your travels gives you the lightest package at any given time.

Why Opt for Lightweight Nutrition?

Traveling could be trouble-free– We can carry whatever we want, we have ample baggage space and room for goods. But then there’s this problem of lugging goods, especially for those who loathe heavy items. Food in particular gets worse. When something is bulky and heavy it reduces the pleasure derived from going on a trip. Here is why eating light is the best:

Easy to Pack

Because there is little room left in your backpack or suitcase, you can make the most of the available space by packing lightweight foodstuff and snacks.


All else being equal, the lighter your load, the less energy you expend – an especially important consideration for trekkers, backpackers and the like.

Quick to Prepare

Typically, those shooting for lightweight meals avoid multi-component dishes that require lengthy cooking times or a significant investment of another resource like fuel.

The Benefits of Freeze Dried Veggies

If healthy snacks that travel well are your priority, freeze dried veggies are your best bet. Here’s why.

Retains Nutritional Value

The vitamins and minerals in fresh vegetables remain largely intact through the freeze drying process, so you’re not sacrificing nutrition by eating on the go.

Extended Shelf Life

Unlike fresh vegetables that will go bad within days, freeze dried vegetables have an exceptionally long shelf life and will last you months or even years, making them a perfect food-supply for an expedition.


Whether as a snack on the trail, a side dish in camp, or a vital ingredient in any meal, freeze dried vegetables works in pretty much any recipe.

Incorporating Healthy Snacks into Your Travel Diet

Travel can often disrupt one's dietary routine. Sometimes we think it's too good an opportunity to pass up to try exotic foods, some of which might not be the most nutritional choice.

Plan Ahead

First, pack a list of snacks that are both nutritious and lightweight. Get your freeze dried vegetables on top of that list.

Sharing is Caring

When you’re with friends on the road, travelling becomes communal; pass around your stash of healthy snacks and convert them to the world of freeze dried veggies.

Stay Hydrated

The healthy food will get a helping hand if you drink enough water Defining healthy snacking goes hand in hand with the principle of hydration. Hydration is an integral concept of nutrition in general and is even more important when travelling.


Travel is a complete package of adventurous activities and beautiful memories. When one is travelling to big and distant places it is very important for the person to give proper nutrition to his/her body. Due to this travelling will be more pleasant as our body is rightfully nourished . If the travellers are travelling at lower distances, by carrying light food like freeze dried veggies which is the calorie king of food, people can fill up their stomachs with full of nutrients and fibers promoting a healthier journey.

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