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Reduced Food Waste: Minimizes unused produce

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Living in the modern world today, one of the most pressing issues threatening our environment is food waste . Presently, there are still lots of people sufffering from hunger around the world. And to tackle this issue and help millions of people have enough food to survive, an urgent steps to reduce food waste must be taken seriously as it a problem that every individual must conterct with.
There are several methods that people can use to tackle the issue of food waste. First off, people need to freeze-dry food, secondly, they require some basic knowledge of vegetable and last but not least, educating and raising people's awareness about the importance of food.
To throw light on this issue, in term of country, in most of the countries, a large amount of food waste is produced every day, but with the method of freeze-drying, it can perfectly preserve food freshness and food can still be frozen and used at latter . In term of food, vegetable is a kind of food play a critical role in one's daily diet. By simply learning the basic knowledge of vegetable. When picking food on market, people will often try to find the freshest food or vegetable, and continue to keep them in the refrigerator in order to preserve their freshness and extend their utilage after buying.
To conclude, with the above several methods, I personally believe that they all contribute to promote a better earth environment, in addition to the ability to dramatically reduce tons of food wastage accident.

Understanding the Magnitude of Food Waste

The Global Crisis

Each year, up to one-third (1.3 billion tonnes) of the food made available for human consumption, is lost or wasted. Some changes, it seems, are long overdue.

Environmental Impact

It’s not just valuable resources that are being wasted. The rotting of organic waste, mostly in landfills, releases large amounts of methane, a greenhouse gas much more potent than CO2. And so, by cutting food waste, we’re also limiting a direct emissions contributor.

The Power of Freeze Dried Methods

Locking in Nutrition

Probably the best way of conserving food is to subject it to a process called freeze-drying. Here the water is removed from the produce by rapidly freezing it and then warming it very slowly under a vacuum. This has the double benefit of increasing the amount of time for the food to be used and effectively maintaining its nutritional value.

Versatility in Usage

With a variety of freeze-dried fruits, vegetables and – yes, you can freeze-dry meats, too – it becomes a simple matter of adding them to a bit of water, and a quick meal delivery system is ready for the backpack or the night-time stumble to the outdoor toilet. It’s an easy way to prepare yourself for emergencies, as well as everyday cooking. Should you stock up for longer term storage in business or home? No problem, you can store these treats for years, as they will not spoil if kept properly. Your deadline for eating the product is simply the expiration date on the package.

The Role of Veggies in Reducing Food Waste

Versatile and Nutrient-Dense

Vaggies, as the vegetable foods are often called here, are the foundations of a healthy diet. They contain most of the nutrients we need, and they’re an excellent basis for many meals. (And if you suddenly have an overabundance of veggies, think of all the ways they can be used: in soups and salads, stir-fried or roasted, and prepared a thousand other ways.)

Store Smartly

People can now eat for longer and live longer … Which is where it starts to make sense: keeping your vegetables in the right part of your fridge, in airtight containers, or even ‘vaggies that are freeze dried’ will make them last longer than fresh produce, so you’ll produce less waste.

Tips for Further Reducing Food Waste

Plan Your Meals

If you know what you’re planning to cook during the week, then you don’t have to buy more than you need; no more milkweed and greens getting thrown out because they weren’t eaten before they went bad.

Understand "Best Before" Dates

These are not the date a product should be eaten by – they are about quality, not safety: much can be eaten after its ‘best before’ date if kept cool.

Educate and Share

Create awareness for reducing wastage of food. The more you know, the more you go for sustainable ways.


It will save our planet and it's inhabitants keeping our food waste reduced by use of freeze drying technique and storing our vaggies in the right way is our duty. Everyonw must come forward to understand and educate as well as implement food preservation methods for a better waste free world.

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