Introduction to Freeze Drying

What is Freeze Drying?

By removing moisture, such as water molecules, from food through a process called freeze drying – or lyophilisation – it is possible to store food for an extremely long time at room temperature.

The Freeze Drying Process

This entails freezing the food, before diminishing the external pressure and adding heat that lets the food’s frozen water bypass the liquid phase and go from solid to gas directly.

The Benefits of Freeze Dried Fruit

Nutrient Retention

One of the advantages of freeze-dried fruit is that it keeps almost all of its nutrient value. Other forms of drying affect the nutrients.

Extended Shelf Life

And that is another advantage of freeze-dried fruit, that it is stable. The moisture has been removed and it won’t go bad in two days as fresh fruit does. This makes it a convenient, nutritious snack food, particularly for the busy, on the go.

Convenience and Versatility

This way we bring along lightweight, shelflife food for our travel meals. Besides the tasty items, like the freeze dried fruit that can be taken on our daily walking excursions, we carry convenience food for post-walk or evening camp meals. We are able to ‘cook’ dehydrated soups, pasta or rice, and lentils, dehydrated meals, and dried beans on our two-burner propane camp stove, all intended to be reconstituted with water. This food is easy to carry and lightweight. It can be eaten as-is for a crunchy snack, or can be rehydrated for cooking, baking, smoothie or cereal preparation.

Nutrition Comparison: Fresh vs. Freeze Dried Fruit

Fresh fruit is always a good choice, but freeze-dried fruit can be a useful substitute, since it is easy to keep, and Should you decide to eat it – because it is delicious, and nutritious – you do have to be aware that it will contain the same calories and the same sugar, since water has been removed.Freeze Dried Mix Fruits at Rs 1200/kilogram | FREEZE DRY in Vadodara | ID:  20295409691

Dive into the World of Freeze Dried Fruit

Freeze Drying Peaches and Pears

Peaches and pears retain their flavour but now, freeze dried, they are available as a snack as well as an interesting additive for other dishes.

Good and Gather Freeze Dried Fruit

Cherries, blueberries and grapes are blended together in these freeze-dried fruit from Good Gather. These pieces are made without synthetic colours, artificial flavours or preservatives.

LOOV Wild Organic Dried Blueberries

LOOV’s freeze-dried organic blueberries are handpicked in the Nordic forests and packed with antioxidants, vitamin A and vitamin E, and dietary fibre. The berries are freeze-dried, which helps maintain the flavour and nutrients.

Wild and Real Freeze Dried Fruit: A Mystery

Information about ‘Wild and Real’ (the freeze dried fruit sold in Activities Inc’s stores) was hard to come by, but the name implies a commitment to natural, wholesome ingredients.

Freeze Dried Strawberries: A Nutritional Powerhouse

Freeze dried strawberries add antioxidants, vitamin C and manganese to a meal, and make a nice crunchy snack, or can be rehydrated for a recipe that calls for strawberries.

Choosing the Right Freeze Dried Fruit for You

What you’ll find is that the fruit has been freeze-dried, so you’ll need to examine the source, ingredients and amount of sugar added to the fruit puree in each brand. My preference would be to select one that contains 100 per cent fruit as a puree and nothing else.


For those seeking customisable nutrition, freeze-dried fruit is an excellent alternative. Whether you need a lightweight snack for the trail or a versatile ingredient for your kitchen, our freeze-dried fruits are the diet-friendly form it takes when you bring it home.


What is the shelf life of freeze dried fruit?

Thanks to freeze-drying, dried fruit can keep for years when kept in a cool, dry storage.

Does freeze dried fruit retain its nutritional value?

Yes, freeze drying retains most of the nutrients in fruit.

How can I use freeze dried fruit?

Fruit can be eaten dry, or rehydrated before use in cooking, baking, cereals, smoothies and more.

Does freeze dried fruit contain added sugar?

Some brands add sugar so check the label. The only ingredient, by law, that can appear on the label is 100 per cent fruit.

What does freeze dried fruit taste like?

While it retains the flavour of fresh fruit, when eaten on its own, freeze dried fruit has a crispy texture.

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